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Juxing Network Technology Co. Ltd.
STARK Network Technology Co., Ltd only creates meaningful work, not simply completing tasks. We treat every client with care and sincerity, providing meticulous web presentation solutions, all-in-one integration, and personalized online communication and feedback. We build websites from a brand perspective and focus on every detail of user experience. We provide consultancy services with a professional eye, considering your needs in every aspect. Our persistence in creating unique web presentations is reflected in every aspect of our work, from overall structuring, creative ideas, design styles, front-end effects, technical means, and even in the details of every click. Innovation is everywhere, creating standout high-end websites for many corporate groups. We break away from simple page designs and focus on maximizing advantages and considering user experience, website characteristics, content organization, and technical matching to achieve a comprehensive and integrated brand construction, leading the direction of high-end website building.
Excellent technology -Convincing Cases
Home Category-Taobao Promotion
Women's Clothing Category-Conversion Rate Soaring
Shoes and Bags Category-Traffic Diversion
[Furniture category] Using the promotion of the contract to boost Taobao sales
Before taking over:
Before taking over, the product itself has a competitive advantage in the industry, with sufficient supply, strong product photography and new product development capabilities. The store owner looks forward to cooperating with Firebat to take the store to new heights.
Optimize the through train entries, increase the new product data dimension with high premium placement to quickly increase the score, and use extensive matching in the middle and late stages to expand exposure.
Taking over:
How to make a conversion rate skyrocket on a product page – Seizing traffic and improving monthly sales volume in the store.
Before taking over:
Before taking over, the store had an unreasonable product pricing layout, inaccurate customer positioning, and a cluttered page layout.
Analyzing the target audience based on product features, improving conversion rates through product planning, page optimization, service level enhancement, SEO optimization, competitor monitoring, and maintaining customer feedback; optimizing key mobile traffic channels and increasing free traffic input.
After taking over:
Do well in product content marketing, easily attract natural traffic, and renew your store's vitality.
Before taking over:
When I took over in early October, the store had a monthly sales of 50,000 yuan and had a certain foundation.
Analyze industry and self-store data to understand product advantages and operation timing. Adjust the product planning and greatly adjust the direction of the Direct Traffic Promotion. Optimize the product internal page and rediscover selling points. Sales volume in November reached 130,000 RMB.
After taking over:
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